SODEVCO Begins Construction of First Minerals Processing Plant in Afghanistan

Southern Development Ltd. (SODEVCO), a SOSi-affiliated company run by Rob Baker, is rapidly developing its capacity to process chromite ore in Afghanistan. With this investment in the first and only mineral processing plant in the country, the company is leading the international mining community in its support of Afghanistan’s mining sector. Headquartered in Kabul, Afghanistan and supported out of SOSi’s Reston, Va. office, SODEVCO’s mission is to provide tailored solutions to the country’s energy and mining sectors.

SODEVCO’s plant is being constructed by JHDA (PTY) Ltd in Johannesburg, South Africa and will be transported to Afghanistan for final assembly and commissioning this spring. Once online, the plant will process 600 tons of chromite per day. This marks a significant milestone in SODEVCO’s path to becoming the leading processor for chromite ore in Afghanistan.

Known for its durability, the alloy produced from chromite is better known as stainless steel and is used in the production of automobile parts, appliances, construction materials, and a wide range of other products.  SODEVCO’s processing operations in Afghanistan will combine state-of-the-art equipment with renowned industry leaders and local geologists, engineers and workers to produce high-grade chromite ore for sale to international steel manufacturers.

“Once in operation, SODEVCO’s mineral processing facility will employ more than 100 local residents,” said Rob Baker. “It will also serve as a catalyst for additional investment by the international mining community in the country.”

In preparation to receive the modular plant, the SODEVCO management team in Kabul, Afghanistan, led by Operations Manager Johan Coetsee, has supervised the construction of the main site location.  The company’s recent achievements include: excavation of two major holding dams and emplacement of perimeter walls; and installation of a truck weigh station, on-site laboratory, power generation center, and vehicle and personnel security inspection stations. 

Rob Baker, President of SODEVCO, and Phemelo Gonkgang, Managing Director of JHDA (PTY) Ltd

Rob Baker, President of SODEVCO, and Phemelo Gonkgang, Managing Director of JHDA (PTY) Ltd


SODEVCO is changing the face of business success in Afghanistan


Southern Development, Ltd. (SODEVCO) announced this month new membership in the International Chromium Development Association (ICDA). Based in Paris, France, the ICDA is a non-profit association that promotes the value and sustainability of chromium and represents the Chromium Industry worldwide, through communication, forums and R&D projects. ICDA’s membership represents 26 countries across 5 continents.

“We joined ICDA to help expand our networking opportunities and gain additional access to essential market intelligence,” said Rob Baker, president of SODEVCO. “This new partnership will help us continue to grow our understanding of the chromium market today and in the future.”

Southern Development, Ltd. (SODEVCO) is a privately held, Afghan-licensed, American-managed, mineral exploration and processing firm headquartered in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates – with international offices in Kabul, Afghanistan, Washington, D.C., and New York City. The company’s core business objective is to provide tailored solutions in the mining sectors, specifically, processing and exporting Chromite ore from Afghanistan.

ICDA’s members include most of the world’s producers of chromite ore and many users of chromite, including producers of ferrochrome, stainless steel, chromium metal, chromium chemicals, refractory bricks and foundry sands, trading companies, end-users and service providers.

[PHOTO] Caption:   Members of the SODEVCO team.

[PHOTO] Caption: Members of the SODEVCO team.