With a highly qualified and professional staff, innovative methods and systems and strong relationships with local, regional, and international partners, SODEVCO helps Afghanistan develop successful solutions for retail fuel distribution and mineral resources extraction and processing. 


SODEVCO is a privately held company with international offices in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, Washington, D.C. and New York City. We provide import, distribution, exploration and development services in energy and mining throughout Afghanistan, always with a heightened sensitivity to local social, environmental and cultural issues.

Through an extensive network of relationships and partnerships throughout Afghanistan and the region, SODEVCO is ideally positioned to provide high-quality, international-standard solutions.

Workforce/environment management and sensitivity to local cultures and communities
We bring years of experience working with diverse cultures and managing environmental factors in the local communities where we operate. All our business activities seek also to yield lasting workforce benefits for the people of Afghanistan.

Energy Sector

Our objective is to provide tailored solutions for the purchase, import, transport, supply and retail distribution of petrol, diesel and aviation fuel.

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Mining Sector

Our objective is to explore, extract, process and responsibly develop Afghanistan’s extensive, mineral resources.

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